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Who are we !

Leora photography company a dream venture started by Shinto Reguvaran in 2014 which was exclusively for wedding photography. We are blessed enough to expand our venture from wedding photography to professional photography, portfolio, lifestyles which also includes family portraits, engagement shoots, maternity shoots, couple shoots, pre-wedding shoots, destination weddings, etc. Let it be any type of shoot, we help you create your dreams into reality. We find our happiness while capturing beautiful moments, happy faces, candid expressions, and everlasting memories.

Leora team have evolved over the years with the support and positive feedback from all our clients which helped us to become one of the best creative wedding photography company in Kerala. We could help you with your dreams of having a fairy tale wedding either if it is a fun wedding or a traditional one. Our services are specialized to help you celebrate your big day with your family and friends while we document it. We take immense pleasure in capturing even the modest details which might go unnoticed. Our team consists of talented and specialized members. They make sure that all our clients are stress-free so that they could enjoy their big day without the pressure of been asked to pose continuously. Let us know your opinions and ideas and we will click it. We promise best captured and well-edited videos that could be treasured for a lifetime.


A Life in Frames

    "In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality"

                                                                                                                        - Alfred Stieglitz

Photography at its best !

We have the best photography team who works closely with clients to capture photos of people, places and things through the use of creativity and technical abilities in photographic equipment and photo manipulation software. Skilled in natural artistic flair backed by detailed knowledge and understanding of photography art and lighting science. To ensure that desired results are obtained, photographers have to communicate effectively with clients regarding expectations to meet standards. We recommend creative ideas and solutions to achieve desired results.

Videography to make you look
Royal !

Our Videographers are strongly creative and mechanical in shoot ‘n’ edit video footage, with a terrific eye for catching action.  We capture and recreate life in such a way that its beauty is captured forever through the camera lens. Setting up and tearing down cameras, audio recorders, lighting, microphones, and props, Working in the studio as part of a production team to edit the film, Interviewing people, and creating a film clip via editing raw footage and adding computer graphics and special effects. Our Team takes challenges no matter the venue they’re working in.

Matrimony Shoot

Matrimonial Portfolio makes the first impression for both your partners and family. Matrimonial Profile Photograph is undoubtedly the best shot for a good first impression.


with us to be on

the Hall of Fame

Planning and brainstorming together with our own creativity regarding color palettes, wardrobe, props, location, and makeup. Opening our minds to the possibility of collaborating in the production of photographs.

Kids Photography

Children are both photogenic and notoriously difficult to photograph. During a posed photoshoot, they can sometimes be shy or behave differently than usual. We make the shoot fun and playful, taking shots outside, using toys, leaving them free to be, following child’s lead, and studying their movements.

Portfolio Shoot

The portfolio shoot includes an experiment with color images and black and white commercial models to catwalk models, a variety of shots, including headshots and full-length photos, as well as three-quarter length and full-length images.

Ad Film Shoot

We provide complete services required for Ad Film Shooting and Promos at very reasonable charges. You can search the locations in seconds to identify a shortlist of places that meet your Ad film requirements.

Studio Portraits

Capturing the personality and emotion, senior portraits, family photography sessions.  Keeping up communication with the model before and during the shoot. Trying out various combinations of poses and angles to find the best options for shoot.
Product Shoot
Understanding the brand, researching the target market, planning the shoot, understanding the color schemes, proper lighting, and using the right background.

In events, the Production Technician is the go-to person on-site for all events and live stream videos. The streaming video is sent over the Internet in real-time, without first being recorded and stored.

Live Streaming
Live Printing

We come to your party or event and print on the spot!  Guests can personally interact with the screen printing process to create unique pieces of wearable art.

Maternity Shoot

Planning and scheduling your session early. Communicating and creating the shoot as you desire that soon-to-be parents will cherish for years.


Outdoor Photography

Trying out various locations native and abroad, angles and poses for your shoots capturing images and videos of adventures, usually in the great outdoors. It often features remarkable landscape shots, adventurous travels, and challenging shooting conditions because of accessibility to particular locations and shifting weather conditions while taking photographs outside.
Shinto Reghuvaran

Director of Photography

I'm a photographer based out of Kollam, Kerala. I'm a self-taught photographer with a sincere passion for all things photography, beautiful lights, inspiring spaces, fresh food, happy moments etc. When years went by my passion for photography grew much stronger. In order to learn more about it, I did my researches which later lead me to work with big names of film industry. It was then I wanted to start a venture of my own and started Leora Movie House. From big weddings to simple parties we'll capture pictures that could tell stories and life's best moments. No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it's my priority to make sure every one of my clients goes home happily. Let's connect and make awesome work together with me and my team.
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